a child behind blue door kabul
a child behind blue door kabul
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In a country devastated by decades of war, poverty and corrupt leadership, a grassroots multi-ethnic group of Afghan youth dared to believe that a “green, equal and nonviolent” world was possible, not just in Afghanistan, but throughout a world they envisioned could be free from borders of every kind.  Many of us have had the opportunity to join them in monthly conversations, to share ideas about understanding and alleviating violence, poverty, food insecurity, climate catastrophe and the basics of healthcare. Together we dreamed of building that world, together.

In August, as we all watched with heavy hearts, our friends had to disband with many members now hiding in caves or hidden valleys, or fleeing the country to avoid imprisonment, torture and even execution. However, even while living in fear for their own lives, they are still teaching others they are sheltering with, trying to continue gardens, deepening their commitment to nonviolence, and continuing their studies informally.

They have always sought to embody the Afghan saying “Blood does not wash away blood,” with the simplest of all questions: Why not love?

They want to continue their global friendships so we bring you their stories, poems and photos in this new blog. The poet Sa’di inspired the thought that “Whatever comes up from the heart inevitably touches other hearts.”

We hope to send out new updates to the blog several times a month.  If you would like to receive future editions please see the “CONTACT/SUBSCRIBE” page.

Many of us have had the opportunity to visit them in Kabul, and we invite you to send one or two photos to our email at trulyborderfree@gmail.com The blog team will consider them for future posts.  Please make certain that NO FACES are shown, and NO LOCATIONS are easily identifiable.  Please do include your name, email, phone, and some some information about the photo itself.  (year, location, what it depicts—just for the blog team’s reference.).We all want to insure their security.

Some of you have written asking how you can help sustain these friends and possibly help them find safety in other locations.   We invite you to contribute at:   Afghan Relief Fund All donations are gratefully received.  Tashakor!

Thank you!   Our friends send their love and ongoing gratitude as they continue to build a nonviolent world that is truly without borders.