Working children in Kabul: “We do not have hope about achieving our dreams”

By Negin, which in Dari means “rare precious stones”. (January 2, 2022)                                                                                                                                          

Photo by Abdulhai Darya

A number of working children in the capital, Kabul, have been disappointed about ever achieving their dreams. They say they have been deprived of schooling due to poverty and hunger, and have worked hard to support themselves and their families.

Roya is one of the children who says that he does not have hope about ever   achieving his dreams; poverty and deprivation are visible in Roya’s face from afar, and he says that he is far from ever getting an education.

“I will collect cans here.  We have nothing at home this winter. God bless you, if you help with us,” says Roya, a child laborer.

Photo by Abdulhai Darya

In every alley and back alley of the capital, there are many children like  Roya.  They think from early morning until late at night about how to find a piece of bread, not about going to school.

“I shine people’s boots here by the road, but it’s not working. The weather is very cold,” Queban, a child laborer, said.

Although billions of dollars have been spent over the past two decades to improve the situation of children in Afghanistan, this assistance has apparently not been effective.  Unfortunately, the challenges of Afghanistan’s children are increasing day by day and their dreams of the future are fading……”Will you help us find our smiles and our hope once again?”