Bahar’s Dreams (Permaculture Internship – 2018)

I have had the best experience, in a wonderful environment and got great pleasure with the songs of birds. It is also amazing being with those hardworking mothers… 

I see myself fortunate to come here and have the experience of all those lessons and activities on this wonderful permaculture farm. All that I learned in the PDC (Permaculture Design Course) has been amplified in this internship.

Here I see people who have love and have a friendship with Mother Nature. Everything which has been taken from the earth is restored back, no wasting water, soils are given nutrients and fertilized with organic matter, and they never use chemical fertilizer. Every kind of trees and plants are cultivated; no one uses plastic bags; and 95% of kitchen vegetables are from the farm. They have a seed bank and have kept seeds of all plants in the bank. For keeping the moisture of soils, they use the leaves, branches and plants.  Different birds are living on the farms, which are lovely when they sing a song in the dawn.

Now, I am much more confident in the power of women because the women in India do 90 % of permaculture work. Although I have already worked with a team to  begin a permaculture garden and a large permaculture plot at a local University, I am ready to begin teaching these practices to other women and youth.

With seeing this permaculture land now, I am encouraged to work in this area and want to be the first youth in Afghanistan who makes the first farm of permaculture. In addition, I want to be an encouragement for other youth to do permaculture work and with this work, they would understand that the best way for keeping the nature alive is the permaculture method.

They gave me two books about Compost methods, and about saving water and irrigating methods. I hope the books can be translated into the languages of Afghanistan, and used to educate others there.

I also want to bring some seeds from this farm back to my country to start a Seed bank.  We will start collecting seeds because it is very hard to find pure seeds of plants in Afghanistan. These are my dreams…